Shipping and Returns


SHARKPROTECTION.COM.AU is the named Provider.

Anyone who makes any request or quota to the provider or who buys from provider will be named Customer.


Products shipped to the Customer are fully insured world wide by the post service used. The final price includes insurance. If by customer request, the product is not fully covered, the Provider has no responsibility and the Customer agrees never to ask for returns or compensation.

All products sold by Shark Protection are covered by a 12 month warranty, and as implied by law, from date of purchase, by the end user, subject to the following conditions.

a) That upon “proof of warranty” and if required “relevant service record” Shark Protectionion will repair, replace, credit or offer an upgrade at our discretion for any product or part with defects in workmanship or materials. Shark Protectionion makes no representation as to suitability for use nor accepts any responsibility for any incidental damage to persons or property.

b) If repairs are carried out on products void of warranty, all labour, parts and freight costs will be charged.

c) That when the product is sold, it is sold as new.

d) The product was purchased from Shark Protection or an authorised Shark Protection retailer/dealer.

e) If a warranty replacement item is sent prior to receiving faulty items back these must be prepaid and then a credit will given when the faulty item is returned and authorised as being a true warranty. On receipt by Shark Protectionion of the replaced items, all approved replacement items will be re-credited to the retailer. At all times Shark Protection will assess all warranty claims and all decisions made by us are final.

f) Damage, neglect, accident, improper repair, or fair wear and tear is not considered a product fault.

g) Items must belong to the original purchaser.

h) All items must be returned FIS (Free into Store) to the place of purchase for return to Shark Protectionion or if this is impractical FIS to Shark Protectionion direct along with warranty details and your receipt of purchase. For your protection we suggest all items should be sent to us by certified or registered mail. We cannot take any responsibility for goods lost in transit.

i) If a retailer/dealer automatically replaces an item to a consumer without permission and that item can be repaired it will be returned in an operational condition and not replaced with new stock.


Delivery to Courier constitutes delivery. Products may be delivered using Australian Post Office Services, Couriers and COD (Cash On Delivery). Items are delivered to the shipping address. Orders can be delivered to the Customer’s door using special services however this will attract extra charges.


As per NSW Government Fair Trading (Australia)

If an implied condition is not met, you may offer to repair or exchange the goods but the customer has the right to insist on a refund. A refund is appropriate where the goods purchased:

are so defective that they should not have been sold, for example the don’t work

break down or develop a serious fault

weren’t suitable for their intended purpose

do not match the sample or description provided.

Also, goods that are ‘on sale’ should be treated in the same way as ordinary stock when determining whether or not to give a refund

a) Customer has the right to a refund under certain conditions. All requests must be via email or by using the contact page. He must provide all data in order to be fully identified (address, phone, email, full name, id, username and his Ref.Id (order no) if it is known). At the same time he must prove that his request is based on real facts. See point 2.

b) We reserve the right to refund in the event the Customer violates the Agreement of this website. Please read Conditions of Use.

c) If the products covered by third part (i.e. insurance provided by the postal services) the process of returning is a matter of the third party terms and conditions, for example Australian Post Office or Shipping provider.

d) The Provider assumes all responsibilities to deliver in time only his items / products. The customer agrees never and nowhere ask the provider for any kind or compensation know or unknown if the item / product he has bought, has been sent to him by the third party. Before buying anything, customer should read carefully product details and specifications. If this is the case, customer agrees to ask for a refund only from the supplier of products. The Provider will fully support the customer in his action.

e) A Customer may choose a refund or he can receive products with the same value he has paid originally.

For any further enquiries please use Contact Us.