Industrial, defence activities or just fun - be safe in the ocean

Pro surfers believes in the small device he straps to his ankle when he takes to the water. “It just gives me that sense of safety. And I feel comfortable when I’m wearing it”

Sharks possess a sense called electro-reception that allows them to receive very small electrical signals. The electronic shark protection device works by emitting a high voltage proprietary signal to deter sharks. It is a small device worn around the ankle that works for hours with just one charge. Researches concluded signal strength alone is not an effective means to deter sharks.

Recreational activities

After years of development and testing and usage by surfers around the world, it was proven that the signal emitted by the shark protection device is very effective.

The shark protection device emits an electric pulse that repels sharks by affecting the gel in a shark’s nose.

The shark protection device was tested on divers that swam around with it with sharks around. The sharks would just fade away. They wouldn’t even attempt to come close. It is about the size of a deck of cards and weighs about seven ounces. It runs on a battery that lasts nine hours before it needs a recharge.

The shark protection device is designed to be attached to a surfboard leash, but also can be used by divers.

All surfers, divers and even normal beach goers should use the shark protection device.

What users say:

“Shark protection device is small and light waterproof shark defense device. I’ve used it with sharks in the waters of Tahiti, Hawaii, ca!lfornla, whether I’m surfing. diving. shooting a movie or Just enjoying the ocean. It gives me the greatest confidence to enjoy my

quality of life.”

“I have used a shark protection device for the past year at some of the shakiest places on Earth includlng cape Town, West Oz and Madagascar and I’m still here. Evenn though I don’t believe anything Is foolproof when dealing with a wild animal, what an shark protection device does for me Is that It gives a shark another reason to not see me as food.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I change the battery?

A: No, the battery is sealed within the unit.

Q: How long will the unit last?

A: The battery is rated for 300 charges. If you swam twice a week for an entire year, the unit should last about 3 years.

Q: What is the effective range?

A: Our tests have shown an effective range of about 20 feet , sometimes much more.

Q: Does the device work with all species of sharks?

A: All sharks have electroreception. We have not been able to test the device on all species.

Q: Can I get shocked by the device?

A: The shark protection device emits a high voltage signal. Touching the probes while the device is activated will produce a very mild electrical shock. We caution users not to touch the probes or handle the device while it is activated.

Q: I have a pacemaker, can I use a shark protection device?

A: If you have any medical condition, please check with your physician before using shark protection device.

Q: Is the device guaranteed to work?

A: It is impossible to predict what sharks will do. However, our tests have shown shark protection device to be very effective. Nothing is 100% and we advise taking all necessary precautions while in the water whether you are using a shark protection device or not.


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